Wed 01st November 2017

Why Everyone Can Do Pilates

New to Pilates? Not sure what is actually really is? Here’s a good place to start…

5 reasons Pilates can benefit you regardless of age or fitness level:

Pilates is for everyone.  It can benefit us all.  Joseph Pilates classical matwork was extreme, it was designed for professional sports people/dancers, however, his work has been regressed so that we can all access it.  His work is broken down to achievable movements and where appropriate, can be built up to the more complex work.  Here are just 5 reasons why you can benefit from Pilates whatever your age or fitness level.

  1. It’s good for the alignment of your bones and your core stability – Pilates aims to train the deep core muscles to hold yourself in correct alignment (the correct position of our bones). By correctly aligning the body bringing the joints and soft tissue into their natural neutral zones, sound recruitment patterns are encouraged and the joints remain healthy.
  2. Breathing well is highly underrated – Pilates encourages us to breathe properly, using our full lung capacity. Breathing is a movement process in its own right and has great bearing on the efficiency of each movement performed.
  3. Joints benefit from being used – Pilates seeks to improve the mobility of our joints. The core muscles are used to keep parts of our body still while certain joints move.
  4. Great for bone health – weight bearing is vital for bones to be strong. Weight bearing in our arms can be down in four point kneeling, against a wall, with weights or resistance bands.
  5. It re-patterns the way we move – What we learn and practice in class infiltrate our lives so that we take care of the body we have.