Fri 15th December 2017

What’s all this about the Ladybird?

Why oh why do we Pilates teachers hark on about keeping that pelvis in neutral?
And engage the core?
And, oh yes, don’t forget to breath?

Presenting your Pilates ABC:


These are considered the cornerstone of Joseph Pilates’ method and are included in every exercise we do. Here’s a quick bite-size run down of what they really mean and why they are all equally important…

A is for Alignment:

  • Organising your joints and bones so the muscles are criss-crossing them at the correct resting length.
  • This ensures optimal position for the efficient transfer of force when moving
  • And this is the key to both static and dynamic stability for safe and functional movements

B is for Breathing:

(And we mean good, full ‘thoracic’ breathing – that’s filling up and emptying those lungs)

  • Is essential to facilitate movement – you use the same muscles to breath as you do to move!
  • Linking movement to breath develops co-ordination, concentration and relaxation
  • Encourages fluid movements that develop good core stability

C is for Centring: (or Core)

  • Is being conscious of the bit that needs to stay stable – eg pelvis, spine, shoulders or head when we move
  • Being able to keep the core stable (not always still) ensures other movements can be more efficient as they aren’t having to do two jobs
  • Limits unwanted movement and control the flow of wanted movement