Wed 10th January 2018

VitaTeen – Teenager Pilates

Following our really successful taster sessions before Christmas, this January we have introduced a new 50 minute class designed specifically for teenagers. Using our wide variety of Pilates exercises and equipment, the workout aims to challenge and develop core stability, co-ordination, joint mobility and strengthen the growing body, in a relaxed and fun environment.

Teenagers get a bad press sometimes for being clumsy (amongst other things!) but if sport isn’t a passion or something that comes easily, then it is increasingly hard to find a way to keep them moving and building their body awareness, co-ordination and core strength. Add in the fact that everything is growing at an often alarming and not altogether co—ordinated rate, no wonder so many teenagers ‘hoodie-up’ and sit down and get ‘text neck’.

We also have young people who excel at sport or dance and by their teens have great flexibility and co-ordination. For them we can offer a chance to build core strength in a non-competitive environment.

In a climate where mental health amongst our young people is becoming a real concern, focused attention on moving the body and working with breathing can also boost concentration, relaxation, body awareness and self-esteem. In this class we provide space, free from technology, free from judgement – the only aim is to enjoy and benefit from moving. The skills they learn can be transferred to everyday life from an awareness of how they sit at their desk to some stretches to do before bed to help them relax and sleep.

Through my twenty years teaching teenagers, and as a parent, I have seen the significant increase of all the ‘modern world’ issues effecting young people both physically and mentally, from carrying heavy bags on one shoulder to sitting for long periods of time, ‘text neck’, body image and confidence, sleep issues, the effects of modern technology and exam stress. Many of the physiological issues I see in my adult Pilates clients have begun in adolescence, and early awareness of how to simply improve posture can have a real impact for life. A 50 minute teenager Pilates class can’t cure them all, but it can make a start!

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