Mon 06th April 2020

This Predictable/Unpredictable & your Pilates practice

Well, here we are sprung suddenly into April, and at time of writing, coming into the Week 3 of self-isolation, social distancing, home ‘educating’, pasta-baking and teaching our Pilates classes via Zoom. And there has been time to think/dwell/panic about the past/present/future and the big/medium/small picture:

  • What will the world be like after this?
  • How much is too much pasta?
  • Pink or blue toenails for our Vita Zoom Weekly filming this week?

So, I will steer my prone-to-the-overthinking-blues mind, whilst I go with the pink toes, to what I can control, to what I can do in this hiatus and to what I know my body and mind need and like: they like and need some Pilates because they know it makes me feel good.

And it got me thinking some more, as I moved to the second coat of ‘Strawberry Margarita’ about the past/present/future and Pilates:

  • How has Pilates prepared us for this moment?
  • And how can Pilates help us now?
  • And how will it help our future?

So, here is what I’m thinking:

  1. Pilates has made you ready to cope with this because Pilates has made/helped remind your primal being that you are adaptable. Even though our Pilates movements are quite structured at times, our Vita classes are designed to move you totally three-dimensionally and be unpredictable. Never the same each week. New moves as often as we can. Meaning as your Pilates experience progresses and a trust develops, your body gets used to being moved in unexpected ways, and is happy to give it a go. And it is strong to the core, and all those feelings of strength can help us feel strong in the head department too. You can be in the moment if it all gets too much. All those single knee drops and opposite arm openings tweaked those neurological pathways for a reason!
  2. Pilates has helped you get in touch with your lungs and you can breathe better and more efficiently. Whether you are totes on board with the breathing, or still getting to grips with the inhale and the exhale, our deep, thoracic breathing combined with all that spinal/ribs movement has meant we’ve breathed and stretched into every crevice we can of those lungs and ribs.
  3. Pilates has taught you the benefits of movement. And not always just exercise movement, every movement has worth! We are talking dancing round the kitchen/hanging out the washing/climbing the stairs movement. It’s (hopefully!) made you realise you are more aware of your body and what it is telling you. That if it twinges, does it want to stay still or does it actually want to move through it and wiggle it out? Today my body says it wants to do some cats/extended cats, cherry picking and side reaches, and not PE with Joe Wicks please and thank you.

So, here is how it has prepared you. How can it help you now? By knowing these things, you are strong so keeping going and keeping healthy and strong in body and mind. Being in control of your movement, your breathing and knowing that you can adapt to changes in your life may really help when you can’t believe the news is real. Whether we see you three times a week on a Live Zoom, you do our recorded Zoom Weekly or you do your own thing, choose movement that makes you feel good.

As for the future? Well, on a day where I can see beyond my pretty toes, I imagine a world where more people will think about preventative rather than curative measures. Where health and well-being are a priority not a luxury. But, if you do Pilates, and are reading this…well…maybe you’re already on the right path towards the future, whatever colour you choose to paint it.