Mon 07th December 2020

Your #VitaMoves Advent Calendar 2020: Week 1

For a slightly different take on an advent calendar, we have created the #VitaMoves Advent Calendar.  Keep up to date with our daily moves on Instagram at  Also, see week 1 below:

Day 1 of our #VitaMoves Advent Calendar! Here is Liz with a Neutral Sway Back with a tail tuck to stretch your lower spine.
Pilates Advent Calendar 1

Day 2 of the #VitaMoves Advent Calendar. Liz is wisely wrapping (invisible) presents on the floor using the Neutral Sway with tail tuck to keep her back happy and add in some #nutritiousmovement!

Pilates Advent Calendar 2

Day 3 it’s some seated ZigZags for your #VitaMoves Advent Calendar today-singles or doubles. Great for mobilising hips as you slide and rotate your legs away and back.

Day 4 take some time to do a few hip happy ZigZags whilst watching your fav Xmas telly. Chocs optional…

Day 5 and the weekend! Time to give those tired feet some love with some fantastic Cherry Picking to mobilise toes, feet and ankles. You can sit or lie down.

Day 6 here is Liz using toe-tastic ankley-magic Cherry Picking to select her fav chocs. Vita Pup Nala wishes she had such strong clever toes…

Day 7 a simple calf stretch using a rolled up towel for your #VitaMoves Advent today. Keep pelvis neutral as you transfer weight to push down the back heel. Hold for as long as you like!

We hope everyone is keeping safe and keep up to date with the rest of our Pilates Advent Calendar on Instagram: