Thu 10th December 2020

Your #VitaMoves Advent Calendar 2020: Week 2 – 4

For a slightly different take on an advent calendar, we have created the #VitaMoves Advent Calendar.  Keep up to date with our daily moves on Instagram at  Also, see week 2 – 4 below:

Day 8: Samm’s stopping at Iford Manor for some calf stretch to help improve mobility when walking. Otis does the important eye-Pilates long distance gazing…Mobility Pilates

Day 9: Here’s a Core Clock: brilliant for mobilising as many parts as you want! Starting in 4-Point-kneeling reach to any number on your ‘clock face’ with just your arm or shift your weight to reach further.Woodland Pilates

Day 10: Next time you drop the Sellotape under the sofa, use your Core Clock to reach it…and why not stay down there for some extra moves?Christmas Pilates

Day 11: And a C is for Christmas ‘C’ Curve with a Rock Back and rotation. Tuck the pelvis underto activate the deep abdominals then challenge your core to roll back keeping the flexion of the spine.C Pilates

Day 12: Samm’s really just gritting her teeth as she tussles again with the Christmas lights but using a C- curve and cheeky knee fold is keeping her sane…Christmas Tree Pilates

Day 13: It’s a classic Roll Down. Start with a good chin tuck and exhale as you roll down with relaxed arms keeping your pelvis over your ankles and your knees soft. Inhale and re-stack those brilliant verts one at a time. If you have Osteoporosis – do a good neutral squat instead.Pilates in the woods

Day 14: Liz is lacing up her boots for her daily stomp and admiring her leggings using the stretchy lovely Roll Down to share the load of her Xmas jumper and hat efficiently!Pilates for Christmas

Day 15: Samm’s having a lie down with a Ribcage closure to mobilise the shoulders and improve core stability by keeping the pelvis neutral and ribs heavy.Pilates Calendar

Day 16:  Samm’s up standing again and is using her Ribcage Closure-d smoothly slidey shoulders to finally finish the tree!Pilates stretch

Day 17: Here is an amazing Arm Arc and Spiral. Bring both arms up then split them as you rotate keeping the pelvis facing forward – try exhaling as you twist and feel a lovely sense of lift.Pilates Arc

Day 18: Liz is out in the woods and stopping to use her arm arc and spirally twist to stop, breath, enjoy the view and gaze into the distance to exercise her eyes.Pilates Christmas Arc

Day 19: It is a simple Tennis Ball Rising (with towel) to strengthen ankles and feet and improve alignment and balance. Finish off with a little knee bend to treat the calf muscles even more.Pilates towel

Day 20: Samm’s been caught using her Tennis Ball Rising skills to reach for her emergency kitchen sherry….Pilates and Sherry

Day 21: And the Winter Solstice, so her eis some BeachBall Breathing for you. Inhale through your nose for a full breath opeing the arms and lifting up your heart to open up the ribs even more. Exhale through the mouth and repeat. Often.Pilates Beach Ball Breathing

Day 22: Liz has taken herself off to a quiet place to practise her Beachball Breathin. Whatever your plans this week, do find time for yourself.Pilates Sitting

Day 23: Samm is intently studying her mat and thinking which filter to use for her Vita Squat today. Exhale as you push the pelvis back, keeping a lovely neutral spine – arms move to help you balance.Pilates pose

Day 24: And finally, here is your final 2020 Advent move. Samm is super excited to see what is in the oven and is using three different squats to pass the time with a neutral spine!  Wherever you get to be tomorrow, we wish you a happy day!Christmas Lunch Pilates

We hope everyone is keeping safe and keep up to date with the rest of our Pilates Advent Calendar on Instagram: