Mon 24th July 2023

Wishing you a summer of motion and fidget!

Were you ever told off when you were younger for fidgeting?

Or chastised for a bit of ‘high jinks’ energy whilst moving between spaces?

Or even now, you just can’t keep your body from having a little groove, a little shimmy of the shoulders, when you hear a favourite tune?

It’s not especially British of course. All this slight concern about unharnessed, spontaneous, uncontrolled motion goes hand in hand with our reputation for a mild fear of unharnessed, spontaneous and uncontrolled emotion. As we learned not to fidget, sitting still = behaving, we learned that outbursts of emotion should also be saved for inside the home/watching sports matches, and motion is for scheduled exercise/sport. Haven’t you ever felt slightly embarrassed for the person running to catch their train, and yet we don’t bat an eyelid at someone out for ‘a run’?

But just as we are evolving to be more open and accepting of showing a little more emotion, talking openly about feelings and not bottling them up, we must remember that mind and body are connected, and we mustn’t bottle up our need for motion either. In fact, it’s essential to our total wellness. We need more motion in our everyday lives to keep us using all our muscles, and that includes our brain!

Now, this is not new news to our Vita clients. You know we bang on about extra ‘movement snacks’ and standing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth all the time. We are all about the life-changing effects of Pilates and everyday movement.  So, we were delighted when Client Polly sent us this fabulous article from the Guardian not just to prove that, as ever, we are so bang on trend but that someone has written a whole article for us to back us up!

So, here it is, and we recommend a read whilst squeezing your bum and/or standing on one leg!

Click this link to The Guardian –